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Travaux audios des classes d'anglais des 2nde 1, 3, 5 et 8

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Les classes d'anglais de 2nde 1, 3, 5 et 8 ont travaillé avec Sonja SRETENOVIC sur les choses que nous oublions d'apprécier lorsque nous sommes en train de regarder notre téléphone portable. 

Retrouvez ci-dessous leurs travaux audios.

18 Things You Miss By Constantly Staring At Your Smartphone

What silence sounds like.
Just how good that morning coffee really tastes.
The smile of the happiest dog out for a walk.
Your own thoughts, right now, in the present moment.
The "don't walk" pedestrian sign.
A glance and smile from a cute stranger.
The joy of a nice meal.
The hopelessly-in-love couple in the park.
The punch line of a hilarious joke.
The ever-changing beauty of the seasons.
The company of loved ones.
An unexpectedly talented street performer.
The pure joy of small children.
The latest installation of graffiti art on your block.
The closed door in front of you.
Someone telling you that they care.
The story your child has been dying to share with you all day long.
The beauty of natural light -- not what's emitted from your smartphone.

Listen to the messages your friends from Seconde 1-3-5-8 classes have for you! Who would have thought?
That's food for thought, folks!!!





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